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Wow, this is an amazing site and/or company, please don’t use this as a quote — Some innocent bystander

This is also the first post to set off our game:

In Graviland: the Dodge Bowl, you play as one of many children trapped within clay bodies, forced to play dodge ball upon floating planets for the entertainment of the mysterious entity that brought them here. Outside of time and space, they need to beat enough Dodge Bowl games in order to win back their souls and return to their original bodies.

This game uses fast-paced, party-game style fun, with up to four players, in a bout of family fun split screen action! Use the elements of Lightning, Fire, Ice, Wind, and Rabbies to power up your balls and conquer your foes! Go to the interdimensional bar, the Kiln, to get achievements, talk to the locals, or just buy goodies to power yourself up even more! These goodies can make you run fast, throw fast, jump far, and fall like a brick!

Win the Dodge Bowl and save the kids in this quirky little party game, where you can always have a ball (heading straight towards you)!